Eric van der Kleij

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Eric van der Kleij
Managing Director, ENTIQ

Eric Van der Kleij is a technology entrepreneur, and co¬founder and Managing Director of ENTIQ. He was integral to the design and development of the ground¬breaking Cognicity Challenge for Canary Wharf Group (CWG). He led the team that was responsible for creating an overall strategy for this transformational smart cities accelerator programme, identifying and sourcing members for both the Steering Group and Global Advisory Council. Mr Van der Kleij also led ENTIQ’s Korea mission, where he worked with the FSC – South Korea’s financial regulator – to develop the possibility of establishing a world¬leading fintech hub in Seoul and advise the regulator on creating the optimum environment to support fintech companies.

As Head of Level39, Mr Van der Kleij created the concept and strategy, and led development of the accelerator from inception, to become Europe’s largest accelerator space for fintech, retail tech, and smart cities technology companies. Prior to this, his expertise was called upon by the UK government to advise on inward technological investment and attracting a diverse range of tech companies to the UK. He was invited to create the strategy for the UK Government's Tech City initiative, and became the founding CEO of the Tech City Investment Organisation, where he was tasked by the Prime Minister with boosting investment, entrepreneurship and skills in East London’s “Silicon Roundabout”.  Before that he co¬founded the card fraud and collections¬alerting company Adeptra in 1996. He serves on the Advisory Board of Tech London Advocates.


Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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