Ghela Boskovich

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Ghela Boskovich
Global Ambassador, FemTech

Ghela Boskovich is an active in the fintech industry, having spent the last ten years focused on business development for core insurance and banking system solutions, the last half of which has centered on financial services pricing governance functionality, which has leveraged her background in regulatory economics, cost modeling and rate of regulation pricing models. Ghela also founded FemTechGlobal to bridge the gender gap in fintech and the financial services industry. The network is built on the premise that diverse teams create better solutions, and embracing differences fosters creativity. Active in London, New York, Sydney and Singpoare, FemTech partners with industry organizations to promote diversity and inclusion, and is a connecting platform for innovators and entrepreneurs. Boskovich is a regular contributor to fintech publications and discussions, specializing in dynamic pricing and customer centricity.

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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