Kim Vindberg- Larsen

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Kim Vindberg- Larsen
CEO, MEEwallet

Kim Vindberg-Larsen is the founder of MEE, Mobile Economic Ecosystem. The MEE project was conceptualised in 2003, and it was not until October 2014, that it was launched in a Living Lab in the town of Randers, Denmark. The ecosystem is in itself independent of and has the ability to disrupt existing payment infrastructure via its bank account2account solution, but the MEE solution is also compatible with the traditional card-based infrastructure. MEE offers great advantages to the stakeholders, including customers, merchants and banks, and so forth.

Prior to founding MEE, Kim was the Managing Director of BluePhoenix Nordic, and held various positions within Banking IT in Denmark.  Kim is an experienced entrepreneur with passion for innovation.     

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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