Natasha Kyprianides

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Natasha Kyprianides
Group Head of Digital Banking & Innovation, Hellenic Bank

Recognised digital expert and fintech thought leader with 16+ years of experience within the banking industry in the EMEA region, focused on leading digital strategy and digital transformation journeys. As an innovative intrapreneur, obsessed by customer design with an unusually strong passion for the application of digital technology in a financial services environment, achieves challenging goals with a track record of empowering teams to deliver top rated results. A digital disruptor bringing about major business change by effecting customer centricity through an outside-in approach within the omnichannel model; while reducing complexity to accelerate growth, improve profitability and reduce costs.

Natasha is part of the FemTechLeader movement and has been ranked in the top 30 most influential women on the Kurtosys, Women in Finance Power 100 list. She has also recently been shortlisted for a prestigious Woman in Technology (WIT) award by Banking Technology magazine.

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