Peter Jones

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Peter Jones
Managing Director, PSE Consulting

Peter Jones, Managing Director, has over 35 years business and IT experience, 4 with a major European retailer (C&A Brenninkmeyer), 17 with a UK clearing bank (Royal Bank of Scotland) and 23 as Director and owner of PSE Consulting. He has had operational responsibility for a number of eftpos, bespoke retail systems and credit card related services. He has particular expertise in retailer systems, debit and credit cards, card schemes, interchange and processing. Over the past 23 years he has been responsible for the management of over 1,000 payments assignments for clients within the UK and Europe. He is from a processing and IT background and has led and managed major development projects relating to payments systems. He is well known within European payments businesses and is a regular writer on payments related issues and a speaker at conferences.

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